About us

Proud daughter of breast cancer survivor. Big sister to many. Loving friend. Truth seeker. Story teller.  


Daughters Like Us founder Angela Grande sits behind a host of accomplishments - Emmy-winning TV producer, work-'til-she-bleeds ethics, do-anything-for-you heart, perseverance, dedication and spirit of genuine good.  But what really matters to Angela - and what she’s best known for - is her role as Roe’s daughter.

It’s because of that special role the story of Daughters Like Us begins.

It starts with three words: “I have cancer.” Roe’s words. An inseparable bond threatened, but cancer wouldn’t separate them. The mother-daughter pair would fight - for each other, against cancer and now for you. 

Welcome to the next chapter of this story where every daughter will have what she needs to manage the three most terrifying words any daughter could hear.

Welcome, Daughters Like Us.